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School Board Policies

Code No. 102      Equal Educational Opportunity

Code No. 102.E1 Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination

Code No. 102.E2 Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

Code No. 102.E3 Section 504 Student and Parental Rights

Code No. 102.E4 Complaint Form

Code No. 102.E5 Witness Disclosure Form

Code No. 102.E6 Disposition of Complaint Form

Code No. 102.R1 Grievance Procedure

Code No. 104      Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment Policy

Code No. 104.E1 Complaint Form

Code No. 104.E2 Anti-Bullying/Harassment Witness Disclosure Form

Code No. 104.E3 Disposition of Anti-Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form

Code No. 104.R1 Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Investigation Procedures